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The guys at Hilltop Bikes know that I’m a sucker for anything Specialized and they also know that I love checking out the latest and greatest, so when they called me up and said that they had a couple of the brand new, just announced last Thursday, Diverge Comps, in the stands, being built up, I had to stop by and check them out for myself.

These bikes were just announced this past week and feature a bunch of upgrades over the previous version of the Diverge, including the new Future Shock technology that was first seen on the Roubaix, earlier this year. The new Diverge also makes room for even wider tires than the previous version, with up to 38c tires clearing the pinch points. Eric, Sam, Dan & Eric at the Madison shop were all busy at work building up a couple of bikes in both the Dirty White/Rocket Red color way and the Satin Blue/Charcoal color way.

Hb Diverge-50
Hb Diverge-52
Hb Diverge-55
Hb Diverge-56

Hb Diverge-58 Hb Diverge-61

Have you ever wondered how a professional bike mechanic makes sure that the stem/bars and fork/tire are perfectly aligned and straight? This little divide for Tune mounts to the stem and projects a laser down onto the tire to make sure that everything is straight. The beauty is always in the details.
Hb Diverge-60

Hb Diverge-diptich Hb Diverge-65 Hb Diverge-66

For one last final surprise, the guys pulled out a bike frame that truly fits phrase, “rolling piece of art.” They had just taken delivery  of one of the very rare and sought after, Red Hook Crit Specialized Allez Sprint frames. This thing is so awesome.
Hb Diverge-59