the prologue

What does it mean to be a Crank Addict?

Practice. Preparation. Endless Repetition. Until your mind is weary and your bones ache. Until you’re too tired to sweat and too wasted to breathe. That is the way… the only way one becomes a Crank Addict. Being a Crank Addict is dedication to the cycling lifestyle. Whether you’re a hardcore racer or a weekend warrior doing group rides with your friends, a Crank Addict gets up and goes hard. A Crank Addict buries himself on a climb, just to get to the top and win bragging rights from his friends. A Crank Addict gets up and rides when its too cold, too rainy, too windy for everyone else. A Crank Addict knows that supreme skill comes only from hard work, day in and day out. A Crank Addict knows that if you’re not working to go faster, you’re getting slower.